OBT Music is Film Music

Our music was written for major network films broadcast worldwide that have won Emmys, Peabodys, and film festivals. By composing exclusively to actual films, we produce music that evokes visual and emotional imagery. OBT Music makes films better.

How To Use This Library

Use our search engine to locate and listen to music cues, then download MP3s to try in your film at no cost. If you want to use our music in your production, join OBT Music to access high-quality WAV files. Registration is just a $35 one-time fee and offers music cues at affordable rates .

Latest News

OBT Music's Tom Phillips scores The Swamp for PBS's American Experience - September 17, 2018
Tom Phillips just completed the score for The Swamp for PBS's American Experience
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Tom Phillips of OBT Music composed and produced a new music package for PBS's Antiques Roadshow - September 17, 2018
OBT's Tom Phillips' Antiques Roadshow theme gets new treatments for 2019!
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